Is There a Non-Surgical Method to Treat Facial Asymmetry?


A close up of the lips and face of a woman

By L Julia at Shutterstock

For most, dealing with an asymmetrical face does not require any sort of treatment or intervention by your doctor. Many consider an asymmetrical face to be unique, charming and attractive. Their opinion, however, does not matter as much as your own. Do you love your asymmetrical face? If not, then you’re certainly not alone. Many men and women have found themselves in the same boat. They’ve found non-surgical treatments that work!

Your Treatment Options for Facial Asymmetry

As we said, you have a number of options available to you that do not require any form of surgery or inpatient procedure. For many, that’s a win.

  • Fillers — By inserting a “soft filler†directly into the face via a small injection, it is possible to correct facial asymmetry. Such fillers often include Botox, which is popular to help raise the eyebrows or smooth the wrinkles on one side of the face.
  • Facial Implants — If your skeletal structure is the root cause of your facial asymmetry, then facial implants may be an option. For chin or cheek imbalances, implants are the favored form of treatment. These implants are made of silicone, plastics, gels, proteins, or metals — depending on what you need.
  • Rhinoplasty — If facial asymmetry is caused by, say, a broken nose that was incorrectly set, rhinoplasty can help ensure your nose appears more symmetrical. A more symmetrical nose, as we all know, can have drastic effects on the overall appearance of your face as a whole.

Facial Exercises

A lot of amateur blogs will tell you that facial exercises are a cheap and effective way to treat facial asymmetry. It’s usually not, though. In fact, there are no clinical trials or research that can back up that claim whatsoever.

In theory, facial exercises would help muscle weakness or uneven muscle tone. The thought process is that, by strengthening the facial muscles, that would appear fuller and more defined. While this is true to an extent, the results are not drastic. Facial asymmetry will continue to pose a problem.

Facial asymmetry can be either prominent or minimal. It varies between each person. You might find that it is cute and you love it as a defining feature of you, or you might find it hurts your self-confidence. Either way, it’s important to know that non-surgical treatment methods are available if you ever need them.

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