Professional Waxing and Brow Services in Plano

Beauti Science Med Spa provides exceptional waxing and brow services – it’s just one of the many med spa services we offer at our location in Plano. Our team of experienced and highly trained staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your beauty goals, from elegantly styled eyebrows to the smoothest skin. As our clients would agree, our med spa is a friendly and welcoming environment where your needs are put first. If you are ready for your next wax, brow treatment, or even a cosmetic injectable like Botox®, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Plano wax and brow treatments.

Waxing & Brow Services at Beauti Science Med Spa

Brow Wax

At Beauti Science Med Spa, our brow wax treatments are customized to meet the style and shape you require. By highlighting the natural qualities of your face, a professional brow wax can do wonders for your whole appearance.

Brow Lamination

Need a fuller, more even look to your brows? Our brow lamination treatment straightens and lifts your eyebrow hairs, allowing them to be styled in a variety of ways. Try our brow lamination service for a long-lasting option that gives thick, shapely and voluminous brows.

Brow Tint

A brow tint is a semi-permanent technique to color the eyebrow hairs for a full and shapely appearance. Some clients request a brow tint to complement a new hair color, while others are looking to enhance the shape and style of their brows.

Lip Wax

A lip wax treatment is a simple and effective way to get smooth skin above your top lip. Using high-quality wax, hairs are gently removed and the skin is soothed to prevent irritation. You could even combine lip waxing with one of our med spa facial services for a smooth and fresh glow.

Bikini Wax

At Beauti Science Med Spa, our staff delivers careful and sensitive bikini waxes that remove unwanted hair around the bikini line. Along with smooth, hair-free skin, our bikini wax treatment will moisturize and exfoliate the skin for a healthier appearance.

Brazilian Wax

One of our popular med spa services is a Brazilian wax. The treatment involves the complete removal of all hair from the bikini area using natural cosmetic products to address this sensitive area. Following a Brazilian wax, clients can expect fresh, smooth and hydrated skin.

Common Questions About Our Waxing & Brow Services

Is brow lamination a permanent procedure?

No. Unlike brow tattooing, lamination is a temporary treatment that usually lasts for around four to six weeks.

Is lip waxing suitable for someone with sensitive skin?

Yes. As long as there is no pre-existing damage to the skin, we use high-quality wax that is suitable for sensitive skin. Consult our team with any concerns.

Does waxing eyebrows hurt?

Waxing any part of your body can cause some minor pain or irritation, but this often lessens after several treatments.

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