What Can a PDO Thread Lift Be Used For?

Plano PDO thread lift

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Often called the lunch-hour facelift, a PDO thread lift is a popular beauty treatment for anyone looking for fast results. The treatment is non-surgical and requires no recovery time, increasing its appeal when compared to a traditional facelift. At Beauti Science Med Spa in Plano, we have plenty of experience with PDO thread lifts, and regularly help clients decide if it’s the right option for them.

What Is a PDO Thread Lift Used For?

As an affordable non-surgical facelift, a PDO thread lift is surprisingly versatile. The treatment uses dissolvable threads that lift and tighten the skin, providing a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

PDO thread lifts are often used to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and laugh lines, lift sagging skin around the cheeks or neckline, minimize fine lines on the forehead, lift the brow, even give a more defined jawline. The threads also help increase collagen production, which gradually adds more elasticity and structure to the skin.

What Are the Main Reasons to Choose a PDO Thread Lift?

Most people choose beauty treatments to look and feel better, and today there are numerous services available. However, a key difference between a day spa and a medical spa is the access to medical-grade, non-invasive skin care procedures such as PDO thread lifts at a med spa. Here are just some of the benefits the treatment can provide.

  • Results are immediate
  • Increased collagen production for tighter skin
  • Added volume at key areas of the face
  • An affordable treatment option
  • No extended downtime after the procedure
  • Long-lasting results without permanent changes

How Long Will Treatment and Recovery Last?

One of the attractions of a PDO thread lift is the short procedure time. Typically, the treatment lasts between 15 to 60 minutes, and most patients won’t experience any discomfort. There is no recovery time required, though you may feel some tightness or sensitivity for a few days afterwards. Once the treatment is completed, you can usually expect the results to last for around 12 to 18 months.

What Are the Alternatives to a PDO Thread Lift?

There are a number of alternatives to a non-surgical facelift, each delivering slightly different results. Among our med spa services in Plano we offer cosmetic injectables like Botox® and Sculptra®. These treatments target fine lines and sagging skin to result in smoother and tighter skin. In addition, microneedling and the Plasma Pen can reduce the signs of aging and help replenish lost facial structure and volume.

Get a PDO Thread Lift and Other Beauty Treatments in Plano

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