Best Plano Beauty Med Spa Facial Services

Beauti Science Med Spa is the number one destination for med spa facial services in Plano. Our experienced team provides the latest skincare treatments using advanced technology and techniques. The desire for healthy, youthful and glowing skin is natural, and we help our clients achieve this aim with customized facial treatments. Whatever your beauty and skincare goals, we can make it happen from our friendly and welcoming med spa.

Plano facial treatments.

Our Beauty Med Spa Facial Services

Plasma Pen

The Plasma Pen is an anti-aging treatment that tightens and rejuvenates the skin. This innovative technology stimulates fibroblasts, the cells involved in collagen production. An increase in collagen levels is instrumental in delivering a natural and youthful appearance. With this non-invasive treatment you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and other signs of aging.


Dermaplaning is the perfect treatment for anyone looking to remove dead skin cells and achieve a more vibrant appearance. Our trained professionals at Beauti Science Med Spa use exfoliating blades to remove the top layer of skin. As a result, the skin gains a smoother look and feel, with benefits for acne, scarring, uneven patches, dry skin and sun damage.


If you’re unhappy with your skin tone and texture, microdermabrasion might be the facial service for you. At Beauti Science Med Spa, we use a range of advanced techniques, including microdermabrasion with a chemical peel, a facial or microderm with CO2 mask, even general cleaning with a peel. By carefully removing the top layer of the skin, we ensure your skin is bright and glowing.

Deep Cleansing Facial

A deep cleansing facial is one of our popular med spa services. This is a non-invasive treatment that removes impurities from the skin, unclogs pores and removes any rough texture. The treatment uses cleansing, exfoliation and steaming to rejuvenate the skin, with the option of adding a peel.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel removes the outer layer of the skin using a chemical solution. By gently stripping away the damaged skin cells, your smooth and youthful skin is revealed. At Beauti Science Med Spa, we provide a range of chemical peels that use specially formulated solutions to suit your skin, such as a lotus peel or retinol peel.

Common Questions About Facial Services

How long do facial treatments take?

The time required for each service will vary. However, most treatments will be completed within an hour, with some options requiring multiple visits to achieve final results.

Is there any downtime with a facial treatment?

Most treatments have little to no downtime and you can carry on with your day. Some services like microdermabrasion may give a flushed look as the skin recovers.

Can you recommend a facial service for my skin?

Yes. Let us know what cosmetic results you want to achieve and we will find the ideal treatment for you.

Choose From Our Range of Facial Services in Plano

Beauti Science Med Spa is the best location in Plano for a range of high-quality facial treatments. If you want deep cleansing facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and more, contact us today. Call (214) 280-4316 or book an appointment online.