Which Is Better, Radiesse or Restylane?

Which Is Better, Radiesse or Restylane? - Beauti Science Med Spa, Plano, TX

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Of all the dermal fillers on the market today, Radiesse and Restylane are the two most commonly used to treat wrinkles and facial-volume loss caused by aging. These two are also the most-discussed. Thankfully, both are quite safe. There are mild side effects, like any filler, that include slight bruising — the most common side effect in the field.

In terms of convenience and cost, both fillers utilize small injections that are fast and easy to undergo and they require zero downtime. Regarding cost, Restylane is the cheaper option, with a price ranging from $350 to $800 per injection, while Radiesse is between $650 and $800 per injection. These prices vary, however, depending on the area, injection site and the medical professional.

An Overview of Radiesse and Restylane

The popularity of dermal fillers on the market today cannot be understated. As we said, both Radiesse and Restylane are commonly used to treat wrinkles, skin folds and volume loss common with aging. Both have a gel-like consistency and provide plumpness and volume directly under the skin.

  • Radiesse — Radiesse has been approved to treat wrinkles, folds and volume loss in the face and the back of the hands. It is made of opaque calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) gel microspheres that are injected directly under the skin in-office.
  • Restylane — Restylane is used for the same purposes, aside from the back of the hands. Instead, Restylane is commonly used to increase the fullness and appearance in areas such as the lips or under the eyes. It is made of hyaluronic acid, which is clear, gel-like and occurs naturally within the human body in smaller, less concentrated amounts.

Which One is Better

Both dermal fillers provide immediate results after just a single visit and will provide fullness within a matter of days. However, both also require additional touch-up sessions with your medical professional.

In recent research studies conducted in Europe, the study officials found that most people preferred Radiesse over Restylane when it came to treatment for smile lines. Another, later study found the same results: most prefer Radiesse.

That being said, Radiesse is not the appropriate treatment for certain areas, like the lips. In that regard, Restylane is the ideal choice. As such, it really depends on where you need treatment.

To determine which one is better suited to your needs, call now for a consultation with Beauti Science Med Spa. We work with both Radiesse and Restylane for our patients. Give us a call at (214) 280-4316!