What Is Botox and Filler Treatment?

Botox and dermal filler treatment can help with the fine lines and wrinkles caused by age.

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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were over nine million Botox and dermal filler treatments in 2017. Botox is an increasingly popular form of cosmetic procedure designed to treat wrinkles caused by stress, age or weight gain/loss in both men and women. Despite its popularity, many cannot tell the difference between Botox and dermal filler treatments. Both are long-lasting treatments, to be sure, but there are key differences that make them an ideal choice depending on your unique circumstances.

Botox and Its Uses

Botox is perhaps the most well-known muscle relaxer designed for wrinkle treatment on the market today. Botox is made from botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A). Now, don’t let the “toxin” fool you, as Botox is extremely safe when used by a trained professional. It is never recommended to use over-the-counter or DIY Botox treatments at home.

For over two decades now, Botox has been the go-to option for men and women looking to reduce the wrinkles of age. But that’s not all. Botox is also a top choice in the treatment of migraines. It’s fascinating the number of uses Botox actually has in the world today.

In any case, we’ll focus on the most common use: wrinkle treatment. These wrinkles typically form around the eyes and mouth, with some appearing later on between the eyebrows. To many, these wrinkles are unsightly and become more pronounced with age. A Botox injection will help to relax the muscles close to the wrinkles themselves. As the muscle movement is reduced, the wrinkles start to dissipate.

What You Need to Know About Dermal Filler Treatment

On the other hand, you have dermal filler treatments. Most often, dermal fillers are used for smile lines. Some dermal fillers can also be used to plump the cheeks and lips for a fuller, more youthful appearance. There are also some used for hand treatments to reduce scarring from injury or age.

Like Botox, dermal filler treatments are injected directly into the skin. For the most part, they are a temporary solution and used for soft tissue.

Botox and Dermal Filler Efficiency

The one question everyone has regarding Botox and dermal filler treatment is whether or not they work. Studies and countless past procedures have shown that, yes, they do work quite well for most patients. Both options are extremely efficient and provide long-lasting results for those seeking a younger appearance overall — free of wrinkles, smile lines or scarring.

Determining which one is right for your case is best left to a professional. Now is your chance to schedule an appointment for Botox treatment or dermal filler treatment with Beauti Science Med Spa. Give us a call at 214-280-4316!