What Is the Difference Between Botox and Restylane Lyft?

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Restylane Lyft and Botox are two common, minimally invasive procedures to enhance your appearance. These treatments can be used to smooth fine lines, prevent wrinkles, and restore a youthful complexion. While they can be used to treat similar aging symptoms, Botox and a Restylane Lyft are two very different types of facial fillers.

Botox 101

Botox injections use botulinum toxin to stop muscle activity. Botox treatments are designed to address a number of cosmetic concerns and various health conditions. For example, Botox can be used to minimize the appearance of crow’s feet, eliminate frown lines, and remove age-induced furrows on the forehead.

Depending on your treatment area, Botox can also be used to help tighten your skin so that it appears as if the years have simply fallen away.

Many people are able to return to normal activities after receiving a Botox treatment. The results will be visible within a few days. Most patients return for retreatment about every four months.

Everything You Need to Know About Restylane Lyft

Unlike Botox, Restylane Lyft uses Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA is found naturally within your body and, when injected, can be used to smooth wrinkles, reduce fine lines, tighten and balance your skin, and effectively plump out certain key areas. For example, Restylane Lyft can be used to even or plump your lips, cheeks, the folds around your mouth, and even the backs of your hands.

Restylane Lyft typically requires a longer appointment than Botox with recovery time in a day or less. Unlike Botox injections that have visible results in just a few days, the results of Restylane Lyft are fully visible within one to two weeks of the treatment. They also can last for up to 12 months.

Potential Side Effects

Restylane Lyft has similar potential side effects to Botox injections. Both treatments may cause minor facial swelling, temporary bruising, headaches, and tenderness at the injection site. During your consultation, your trusted medical provider will discuss any potential side effects with you, as well as the benefits of your facial treatment.

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